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Providing full-service and à la carte project management solutions tailored for your next trail and outdoor recreational infrastructure project

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About Conservation Trail Services LLC

30-foot truss bridge - New Hampshire

Project management saves money...

Using a PM will save you time, frustration, and ultimately save your bottom line. Whether it be the perceived public image of a job well done, or meeting your grant criteria, CTS will improve project outcomes

CTS builds an inclusive outdoor community...

Through hiring best-practices, partnering with affinity groups, and building sustainable community support, CTS strives to create a more inclusive outdoors

CTS is a veteran owned small business...

You can thank us for our service by contacting CTS about your next trail or outdoor recreational infrastructure project. Our trainers have real-world experience in operational risk-management



Full Service

Project Management

Do you have an idea but are not sure how to plan, execute, or monitor the project?

Let CTS help with all project phases. We also provide feasibility studies to let you know what it will take, and if the project makes sense financially, ecologically, and

a good fit for your community.

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Project Supervision

The best planned projects can go over-time and over-budget without proper on-site leadership. Let CTS provide a high-skilled leader for your next trail project.

We also provide project liaison services to facilitate communication between Professional Trail Builders, contractors, and their clients.



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Staff & Volunteer

Skill & Safety Training

Get the most out of and provide the best experience for your volunteers and seasonal staff. Let our skilled trainers reduce your liability and improve the quality and retention of your staff & volunteers. CTS can help onboard new staff or get your seasonal crew up to speed on a technical project.

DEIJ & and soft-skills trainings also available.

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Technical Consulting

Subject Matter

Expert Advice

Do I need a permit for this? Let CTS's subject matter experts provide technical advice to make sure your project meets best practices and is built right the first time. We also provide GIS support, baseline documentation reports, bridge & kiosk design,

and can fill gaps in your organization's staff.

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Skills Training



Project Leadership




Execution Phase

Planning Phase




Community Support


Connect with CTS before planning your next project